Phone Upgrade for Business Customers

Antietam Broadband is proud to offer the latest technology to power your business phone service. We have upgraded the underlying operating system of your phone service.

The upgrade will be completed on June 23, between the hours of 12am - 6am.

Your telephone number(s) and pricing did not change.

AFTER June 23:

The new customer phone portal is: The setup instructions are below.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the phone number associated with your Antietam phone service. 
  3. Enter your 9-digit account number (please eliminate dashes. If your account number is fewer than 9 numbers, add a zero as the first digit.), add 0 at front if less than 9 numbers. Followed by CAPITALIZED first letter of account holders first name. Example: Customer: John Phoneman Account Number: 12345678 Temporary password would be: 012345678J
  4. Select the Sign In button.
  5. The system will prompt you to reset your password.

New Customer Portal

For all customers who have used the Call Forward Selective and Call Block featuers, they will default to the "on" setting.  Please consult the Phone User Guide for step-by-step instructions for these and all features.

Download Phone User Guide Below:

Business Lines Guide

For customers using Hunt Groups, all setting have migrated over for a seamless migration of your business phone service. If you have any questions, our 24/7 support team is available to assist.

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